An Introduction To Nutrition

Students from Kindergarten through to Grade 1 were excited to venture out on a rather different field trip to their local Loblaws. They were treated to a unique introduction to nutrition as they were led through the aisles of the store by an expert registered dietitian. They learned the importance of a balanced meal, how different nutrients benefit their bodies and discovered that not all cereals are the same. This interactive learning experience engaged students with activities while teaching them to make informed healthy food choices using the Guiding Stars nutrition labelling system, Canada’s Food Guide.

Guiding Stars

GLA students got to grips with the Guiding Stars system which rates food based on nutrient density using a scientific algorithm to assign a 0, 1, 2 or 3 star rating (3 Stars is the highest rating a product can receive). Good nutrition is fundamental to good health and Guiding Stars is widely cited as a program that positively impacts eating habits.

Key Concepts
• Creating healthy lifestyle behaviours
• Learning how to make informed eating decisions
• Understanding the Guiding Stars shelf labeling system
• Recognizing the nutritional value of foods based on Canada’s Food Guide
• Learning how to identify and prepare healthy meals and snacks (older grades)

Spin That Wheel

The various age appropriate hands-on activities were a lot of fun and had competitive spirits racing. For example students were put into groups, and after choosing a colour were given the challenge to collect produce from around the store that could be found on the nutrition colour wheel.

An Apple A Day

After an informative and enjoyable day at Loblaws the students got to take home healthy goodies in their very own Guiding Stars backpacks.

So don’t be surprised when your enthusiastic little ones give you some of their factual input on your next family supermarket outing!




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