Maths is Fun Week

Maths is fun and maths is everywhere!

This year the students at Guiding Light Academy went “Travelling Around the World” for maths week, with a plethora of exciting hands-on activities to help explore this fascinating subject. Our theme “The Amazing Race” inspired students to work on a series of challenging and interactive projects, planned by their teachers. It involved virtual travel to the country of Guatemala to play a maths themed basketball match and then on to Italy to participate in a game of bingo involving maths equations.

Maths on a soccer field

To conclude events we visited a soccer field to enjoy more maths activities, which the students found to be immensely motivating. On the field, they were able to use collaborative skills to measure the area of the pitch, create different shapes with some imaginative head to toe formations and play a game of baseball using coordination and their mathematical competence.

Our Maths is Fun week was a terrific success as it allowed the students to practice and hone their maths skills, all the while having great fun.


Kindergarten has Fun in Maths Week

During our Maths is Fun week the Kindergarten class explored two important strands of the Kindergarten curriculum – learning about shapes and measurement. Early in the week they explored 2D shapes and 3D figures. They enthusiastically learned to identify various shapes and their attributes and were soon up to the challenge of sorting shapes by size and colour. Our mini Einsteins discussed and made note of the shapes we see all around us. Towards the end of the week they enjoyed learning a poem called: 3D Shapes are Fat not Flat! a handy way to help them become aware of and appreciate that fun 3D objects pop up everywhere in our everyday lives, like a ball-sphere, a party hat-cone, a box-prism!


Students assembled an assortment of everyday objects in our 3D museum.


Students also got creative with various hands-on activities, like forming their own 2D/3D shapes, using play clay and popsicle sticks.


During the concluding part of Maths is Fun week, we learned how to measure length using non-standard measuring units. Students were given hands-on tasks like: How many cubes long is your foot? Compare your foot to your partner’s foot. Then, with paper and pencil in hand they got busy with tracing feet, cutting out insoles and measure them using cubes. It was interesting to carry out a comparative analyses of their partner’s feet too! We also worked in groups to predict and measure other classroom objects using cubes and paper clips.



The Kindergarten class had a super time at Maths is Fun week and are enthusiastic to keep learning and exploring this fun subject!

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