COP21 Symposium

The COP21 Symposium was held on October 21st, 2022 at Holy Name of Mary College, an all-girls secondary school. Students from other different schools, all ranging from Grades S-12, joined in this event. The representatives from the Guiding Light Adele Wong, Esther Garcia, Natalia Zinkiewics, accompanied by Science Teacher Ms. Fanthome, also joined in this important event.


The COP21 Symposium was all about bringing schools together and spreading awareness about the climate crisis. Peter Milne, the developer and the facilitator of the Symposium, firstly welcomed the students and talked about climate change, fast fashion, sustainable consumption, and production of products, and much more. In addition to that, each school was to write pledges on a sustainable future.


Then, Rachel Parent, founder of Kids Right to Know, spoke to all the students about GMOs and their effects. It was a powerful and interesting speech. After a quick lunch break, we met and spoke to many people. There was an exhibit featuring seeds and mud, food and healthy recipes, and fur from animals like foxes and beavers.


At the end of the day, each school was to choose a representative to reflect on the day. Our representative was Adele Wong, who briefly talked about the exhibit. The COP21 Symposium was a great and eye opening experience for our Grade 8s. Many thanks go to Holy Name of Mary for hosting this symposium.


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