Mini Planters


What was a nice gift for a teacher was also a very fun science observation as well. The class of 7 and 8 made micro planters. The first step was to take any small plant, (we used small purple flowered plants called wild violets) and a small clear vial/glass.

Fill it with clean water and watch! Make sure the plant has a long stem because in a few days it either might shrivel up and die or it might root in the water. Eventually the plant will die but you can get to see the plant root without soil obstructing your view. Plants use capillary action to bring water up the roots and stems to the rest of the plant.

The molecules of the water (the liquid) are attracted to the molecules of the inside of the stem (the solid). This attraction is used to help force the water up from the ground and disperse it throughout the plant. The water from the planter Keep this mini planter on your work desk or present it to your loved ones.


– Adele W

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