Math Week 2022

My friends and I enjoyed the Math Week event very much. Math week was very fun because it was very entertaining, had good activities, and really engaged everyone.

Math week was very entertaining because the activities that we did were all equally enjoyable; moreover, Math week was suitable for all ages from grade three to grade eight. The first activity we did was making the pi bracelets. Color coding the beads with the pi numbers made our brain work and think in an educational way; however, it was also very fun. Although learning pi may be difficult, doing this activity made it entertaining, and easy as a piece of cake. Doing the pi bracelet activity was very fun.


Math week had lots of fun activities, but making colorful pi city art was probably the best one. Even when we were online we could make our pi city art on paper or on a google sheet. When people are online they get distracted, but doing the online pi city activity engaged everyone, and everyone enjoyed doing the activity. If I were a teacher I would definitely do this with my students.

The Math week activity was engaging for everyone. We did the pi bracelets, the pi cities, and one of the best, the card game. Coming from someone who plays cards a lot, when I found out we were doing this activity I was at full charge, and I was super happy. Even though I know how to play cards for those who didn’t they learned to play this game in a second. The card game was super entertaining.

In conclusion, Math week was one of the best events of the school. Its activities were fun, engaging, and entertaining. I hope everyone liked it as much as My friends and I did. This is why Math week was the best.


-Students of Grade 3 & 4

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