Grandparents Day

Grandparents are the most important family members,  they make us a family. We celebrate grandparents every year so they know how much they mean to us.



This year, some grandparents taught us how to make traditional dishes from their culture. First up we had the Wong kids and their grandma showed us how to make Pork and Chive dumplings. Next we had Ela, Natalia, Marie, and Amelia and their grandmas showed us how to make Faworki (Angel Wings). We also had Kimberly, Arya, Jacob, Bryce, Evan and their grandmas show us how to make Sev Puri. Finally, we had the Flandes family, Alexandra, Milana, Jadon, the Flandes family and their grandmas and show us how to make Arepas. Finally, Veronica, Cecilia, Charbel, Anthony and their grandmother showed us how to make Manakesh.


At the end some students from GLA held posters that spelled out Grandparents Day. This is how we showed our grandparents that they mean so much to us. It was such a memorable day! We are so thankful for our Grandparents!

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