French Week


Bonjour les amis,

Here is a short description of the Franco-phonique Program at Guiding Light Academy. This program is a French week dedicated to learning through games, short skits and group activities using innovative methods with action-oriented and creative approaches. Themes from past years include “Le marché et le restaurant”, Talent show in a French town, La Francophonie, Les Voyageurs du Canada. This year, our common theme for the school was “Les animaux”.

Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2 learned a great deal about animals from the farm, the forest and the savanna. With new vocabulary words, gesture-play songs and short animations, they are now able to recognize and name animals and make short sentences about their colour and their actions. Kindergarten used the animal faces to work on symmetry and draw the missing side. Using colour-coded sentences, Grade 1 and 2 were able to identify the parts of the body of each animal and complete the colouring of their animal workbook.

For higher grades, the animal theme was used to introduce new grammar and vocabulary concepts. From grade 3 to 6, students learned to describe their pets by colour, age, description of the parts of the body and qualitative adjectives. Concepts like masculin/feminin, singulier/puriel and basic conjugation were revisited and reinforced. Then, they had to solve riddles about animals. They were able to express like and dislike of an animal, as well as have a short conversation with a partner about their favourite pets. With Grade 5 to 8, students had to solve clues about animals, learn about animal idioms used in French language and work with a partner to prepare riddles to guess an animal. Grade 7 and 8 used conversation flash cards to start conversion and develop a specific topic about animals.

In addition to the Franco-Phonique Program Booklet, everyone took home a little token, a puppet jungle animal for Kindergarten, and a jigsaw puzzle for grade 1 to 8.

A bientot les amis!

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