Welcome to Kindergarten!

September 9th, 2014:

Welcome to Kindergarten! I would like to give a warm welcome to all the JK and SK students at Guiding Light Academy. I am looking forward to a fun and successful year. The first two weeks of school have been very new and exciting for most of the students. Although the transition has been a bit tough for some students, we are getting through it slowly as more days go by and it is becoming easier and more comfortable for each student everyday.

During the past two weeks the Kindergarten students have been getting to know one another, learning about themselves and what it means to be a friend. It is important to make our classroom a learning environment where every child feels a sense of belonging and special in their own unique way. Therefore, I have implemented various classroom activities to learn about “me” and discuss why we are all SPECIAL. Here the students have created their own self-portraits by using a mirror and discussing with their peers of “what” and “who” they see.

-Ms Nunez