Tissue Box Aquariums

The students of Guiding Light Academy recycled tissue boxes and turned them into colourful Aquariums.
The students artistically cut and coloured fish. The fish were then mounted on cardboard paper to keep firm.
The tissue boxes were cut along the opening and each box was painted blue to give a water effect.
When the paint was dry, gravel was glued onto the floor of the box.
A tiny hole was pierced through the middle of each fish so that a piece of fishing wire could pass through.
Once the fishing wire was passed through each fish, a small hole was pierced through the roof of the box so that the fish could be hung.
Each fish was attached to the roof of the box with the help of the fishing wire.
To add to the decor as well as to make the box look more like a real Aquarium the front of the box was wrapped with cellophane paper.
It was amazing to see the kids giving it their best.
Good Job budding artists!

-Mrs Joseph