As part of our Reading Festival, our students participated in Fables Friday!  We dedicated this Friday to the study of traditional literature which includes fables, myths and legends. The students put on a skit in costume acting out a few different fables. The students also dressed as their favourite book character for the Character Book Parade. Each child explained to the rest of the school the reason for choosing that character and the lessons learned from their stories.

Each student participated in Tales from my Town where students brought different traditional stories from their hometown and taught the rest of the school what they learned from that story. The children pinned each town the child was from on a world map. This was a great experience to learn and appreciate the variety of cultures and backgrounds at Guiding Light Academy.

We were also thrilled to welcome local author Renná Bruce,  author of the Jazlyn J Series. Renná was kind enough to read aloud one of her stories and had the students participate in different games and activities.  Each child was awarded some form of a prize.  Renná spoke about her #JJKindnessCampaign which she started to promote acts of kindness and charity throughout the world.  This experience was one that students are sure to remember and we are thrilled to have had an author who is so passionate about her work to come visit us.