On Monday September 28th, Guiding Light Academy commenced the 2015 Reading Festival. The aim of the week long festival is to give our children the opportunity to develop a love for reading.
On Day 1 Students worked hard on creating motivational reading posters and discussing the benefits and reasons why we should read. Our first day focused on the steps needed to pick a good book that “fits” our reading level. Students enjoyed comparing the books to different kinds of shoes; shoes that were too big, shoes that are too small, shoes that just are not for the occasion. The theme behind this year’s Reading Festival is that everybody is a reader, the trick is in finding the right book. The students visited the Streetsville Library to find books that ‘fit’ them. Students also enjoyed creating “Reading Visors” for the reading festival, they were so colourful! Finally, students worked in teams to complete a Genre Scavenger Hunt where they were given the names of many different genres and had to go throughout the school finding the correct definition to match. In learning about the different genres, students will be able to identify which genre they prefer and in turn make it easier to find a book they are more interested in. There were also Reading Tents set up all around the school so that children could find a comfortable spot to read their books.