On Day #3 of our READATHON, students began to look at developing character traits and use the idea of “showing not telling”. In order to improve students’ inference skills and develop their writing, we worked with the idea of characters where we could identify character traits by behavior and actions as opposed to having the author directly tell us. Together we created a list of positive character traits and then used these traits to anonymously compliment our fellow classmates. These traits were then added to our “silhouettes” for everyone to see. As a group we also created a ‘story web’, where each person got a chance to add something to the group story.

Our most exciting event of the day was a visit to the Streetsville Library. We were very grateful for all the effort and work that went into our visit. The library organized an informative and engaging talk explaining the various things the library has. Students participated in a scavenger hunt that had them moving all over the sections of the library and learning where all the different resources were. We are looking forward to more library visits throughout the end of the year.