Pioneering Away!

On Tuesday October 25 the students of Guiding Light Academy took a trip into the past by visiting the Black Creek Pioneer Village. Students have been learning about early Canadian settlers and got the opportunity to experience how these individuals lived first hand. We visited early buildings such as inns, schools and Churches of the time. This allowed the students to feel as though they were in 18th Century Canada themselves. They even played games which the pioneer children played and learned how to stitch like the people of the time. This experience is crucial in their learning as it helps support the information in their textbooks. They got to see the contents of their textbooks come to life. The students were eager to learn more about this important historical time and asked the tour guides many questions to expand their knowledge. They had a wonderful day filled with historical knowledge and appreciation for Canada as their country. They were able to understand how people had to work hard to get Canada to be what it is now. This allowed them to appreciate the pioneers and their hard work. All-in-all, the students of Guiding Light represented the school well at this historic site but more importantly, they displayed enthusiasm and respect for the people of the past.