Parent Orientation

Brand new school supplies, cardigans, rain boots and brown leaves on the tree only indicate one thing: back-to-school. This period of back-to-school is an exciting time for both parents and children. To set the 2016-2017 academic year off right, Guiding Light Academy held its annual parent orientation meeting on August 31st 2016. Parents of the student body were invited to join the Guiding Light Staff in prayer and celebration to commemorate the start of an exciting new year. Brother Justin led a wonderful prayer ceremony with the accompaniment of informing parents about the school guidelines and the expectations. The parents were also given the opportunity to meet with teachers, gather individually packed school book and stationary packs for the children and discuss what the students will be learning about throughout the course of the year. The evening was successfully conducted and parents were thrilled to receive the academic textbooks and supplies required for their children. The children who joined us at the parent’s orientation expressed their eagerness to jump-start the school year. This positive attitude had a ripple effect on all of the staff members, who much like students, felt prepared to venture into the start of a yet another year filled with learning and achievements through the blessing of the Lord.