Journey of Faith

Salve Maria!

As we reach the halfway point to the month of September, I would guess that everyone would be curious as to what their children are learning in the various religion classes. So I guess with this posting I will “kick things off”.

My name is Brother Justin Bonyun; I’m a member of the Heralds of the Gospel and have been teaching religion and catechesis at Lumen Veritatis Academy and now Guiding light Academy for about seven years. This year, I’ve been teaching our Grade 2, 3, 4,5 and 6. The diverse natures of the various Grades give for very different subject points. For example, our Grade 5 this year will be developing the Apostles’ Creed; it’s 12 truths, which will be discovered, unpacked and explained.

The Grades 4/3 are presently working on the beginning of the Biblical narrative found in Genesis. We are starting with the Creation story and moving to Christ ‘s offering on the Cross. Grade 2 is to be centered on the Great Sacraments of the year: the first reception of the Eucharist and their First Reconciliation.

The plan with this blog is to allow you to accompany us on a journey of faith but also in watching how our children grow. I will be including anecdotes from their classes always looking forward to your input.

-Br. Justin Bonyun


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