September 20th, 2014

















These past few weeks, the staff and students of the school worked extremely hard in preparing for the first of many major events occurring at the Academy. Staff, students, families and friends gathered together on Saturday September 20th to celebrate the official inauguration of Guiding Light Academy.

Students did an excellent job in representing the school in the best way possible. They were in charge of welcoming guests of honor, leading the assembly in prayer, singing the National Anthem and even conducting the event as masters of ceremony. Our staff could not be prouder of our students!

Mayor Hazel McCallion’s efforts to attend the inauguration ceremony and her words of wisdom were greatly appreciated and will serve as an encouragement for all of those in attendance. We would like to thank our other guests of honour, Lisa Macleod, George Carlson and Father José David for their presence, well wishes and prayers. The support we received from all our friends, families and the Streetsville community did not go unnoticed and we are so grateful for all the blessings we have received. We are looking forward to the growth of our school community and are thrilled with all that has been accomplished thus far.

-Miss Figueroa