Grandparents Day

Friday November 14, 2014 was a special day at Guiding Light Academy.
The students wanted to show their love and appreciation to their grandparents for all they have done for them and to say a special thank you for always being the wind beneath their wings.
Grandparents Day celebration started with a special assembly dedicated to the grandparents.

There was a prayer and the message from the Bible was given by Br. Justin.
Mrs. Jackson, our principal welcomed the guests with a short message.
Students from grades 3, 4 &5 and 6 showed their love and appreciation through a choreographed song by Celine Dion called “Because You Love Me”
The boys from grade 2 showed their appreciation in words through a poem called Grandparents.
Our kindergartens sang a cute song to express their love and gratitude to their grandparents.

The students presented their grandparents with flowers and whispered a special message to each one of them.
Grandparents visited the classrooms, took a picture with their grandchild and spent some quality time doing a Questionnaire with their grand children.

It was a journey down memory lane were, grandparents relived the moment and shared their experiences when they were little.
Grandparents were gifted with a card and a personalized keychain, which had the students fingerprint on it.
Also as each grandparent left, they were surprised to receive a special keepsake – a photograph, taken earlier in the day, of grandparent and child and displayed in a personalized Guiding Light Academy frame!
The day ended on a thankful note, grandparents were filled with emotions yet happy to know how special and blessed they are.

-Mrs Joseph