Grandparents Day at GLA!


Grandparents Day at Guiding Light Academy was celebrated on October 16th Friday. The day started with mass at St. Joseph’s Church which was attended by many grandparents. To make it more memorable for the grandparents as well as to take them down memory lane many of them took a ride on the school bus back to school.

The students put up a special assembly, which started with a prayer and the national anthem. The kindergartens and the students from Grade1 and 2 sang “Grandma and Grandpa, I love you” and “Doe a Deer” for their grandparents.
Our senior students entertained the audience with the “Our Father” in The Gregorian Chant. They also sang a Gaelic Lullaby and narrated a poem for all the grandparents. The students expressed their love and gratitude for they grandparents through short speeches about the type of sacrifices they make.
Many grandparents addressed the whole school talking about their experiences with their grandchildren and how thankful they were for having an event to celebrate just the grandparents! It was a touching moment that had many attendees near tears.

Lastly, the grandparents and families visited the classrooms to see what their children were learning. The students had made beautiful hand crafted cards for their grandparents, which they gave to them on the day. The students also made custom buttons for their grandparents to show their love and appreciation for them.
It was a joyous occasion to celebrate the importance of grandparents and the role they hold in the family. The day ended on a happy note with grandparents having tea and refreshments at school and clicking pictures to make lasting memories.