Grandparents Day at GLA

On Friday, Oct 7th, 2016, the students and staff of Guiding Light Academy celebrated Grandparents Day. This special day is conducted to remind grandparents of all the wonderful things that they do for us. The day began with mass at St. Joseph’s parish in Mississauga at 8:30. To make both the students and the grandparents’ trip back to school memorable, the grandparents joined their grandchildren on the bus ride back to school. Once we arrived at the Academy, the students put on various different types of performances for their grandparents to see. The plethora of performances varied from songs to a puppet show! The grandparents and the audience thoroughly enjoyed watching the little ones light up the stage. Grandparents were invited to deliver a special message to their grandchildren. Once the performances were over the grandparents were escorted upstairs to the classrooms of their grandchildren. The students presented their grandparents with beautifully crafted handmade presents. The grandparents lit up with happiness at these wonderful creations. Once the exchanges of gifts were completed the grandparents were welcomed to the Fatima room for light refreshments and photographs to capture the memories of the wonderful day with their little ones!