Graduation Ceremony at GLA

The lawns of Schaumburg resounded with the grandeur of the graduation ceremony of our Senior Kindergarten and Grade Six students. Each and every student received a merit certificate for his / her accomplishments. Daniel thanked the Brothers of the Heralds of the Gospel for their constant Spiritual Guidance while Anya thanked her teachers and friends. The Senior Kindergarten students proudly performed and received their diplomas. The tree planting song and ceremony was a culmination of the graduation with the wish that the sapling grows “strong and firm as we were nurtured here.”

A message to our graduates and students:

To our graduating classes, congratulations and all the best for the next phase in your lives. To all our students, each one of you hold a special place in our hearts and prayers. You are unique group of students. You are the founding students of Guiding Light Academy. We couldn’t be more proud of each and everyone of you. To show our appreciation, we have a surprise for you. In the school we will be placing a memento with each of your names. This piece of art was commissioned for you. When you are older and out there doing great things and changing the world we hope that you will still come back to visit us and when you do you will always see your names on our walls.

Congratulations to the founding class of Guiding Light Academy!