Fun with Math!

Day One:  Numeration

Monday March 9, Guiding Light Academy kick started its first ever “Fun with Math Week”.  All classes participated in different activities prepared by the teachers that focus on learning new math concepts, strengthening the skills that have already been learned and having a great time while doing it. The grade 3 -6 combined into one group and were divided into three separate teams.  Each team was asked to select a team name as well as invent their own cheer.  For the rest of the week the groups will be known as; the Monster Triangles, the Robotics Cube and finally, the Vicious Subtractors. The three teams compete for points daily, completing the challenges together. The first day focused on numeration, so the teams competed in activities like Subtraction Bowling, Multiplication Wheel Toss and Multiplication War.  We are excited for what the rest of the week will bring!