For the final day of Fun with Math Week, students focused on the topic of money and did a scavenger hunt before the closing ceremony of the Pan Am Math Games.

Students started off the day working moving through different math stations that had various activities working with money. Afterwards, a scavenger hunt was set up to be played throughout the school. Students were detective and had to solve riddles and math problems in order to solve for clues that led to the key to find the hidden treasure. The math problems involved required much thinking and knowledge of math concepts learned throughout the Fun with Math Week. Clues were hidden in very tricky places, and could only be found if you followed the clues and riddles correctly! There were many surprises and students had a great time being math detectives for the day!

With the final day of Fun with Math Week near closing, we had the closing ceremony for the Pan Am Math Games. Students tallied up the scores for each team and we had our medal ceremony. All the students worked so hard while having an amazing, fun week! At the end of the day, students received certificates to mark their participation in Fun with Math Week. We are so proud of our student!