The topic of study for today is all about data management. Students had the opportunity to analyze and create various graphs such as bar graphs, pictographs, and line graphs. Students started off the day with a team challenge where students worked in their teams to stack a cup tower not using their hands, but using only a rubber band and strings. The challenge tested students on their skills in strategy building, communication and team work. It was tough at first but they got the hang of it!
For the starting activity in data management, students conducted a SMARTIES investigation where they had to make a hypothesis whether each box of SMARTIES would have the same number of SMARTIES and compare the number of SMARTIES colours in each box. The results were quite surprising!
After various practices with graphing, students were ready for their group project. Each group was to prepare a question to survey the staff and students at Guiding Light then graph and make conclusions of their findings on a Bristol board and presentation. Students eagerly worked hard on their group project and had a great time presenting to their peers!

Miss Nguyen