On the third day of Fun with Math Week, the students were in for an exciting and surprising day! Today’s math topic focused on fractions and decimals. Students were pizza chefs for the day! Students had to complete different training activities in order to be ready to open up the Guiding Light Academy Pizza Parlour. The day started off with students making chef hats to set the mood as they went through various “training sessions” which all related to different fraction activities.

Using the theme of a Pizza Parlour, students learned about equivalent fractions through pizza-shaped math manipulatives. Finally, our GLA chefs were ready to make their fraction pizzas in the GLA Pizza Parlour. In their teams, students had to assign roles to each member to work at different stations within the parlour in order to successfully complete pizza orders. With picky customers that wanted pizzas with special orders such as “1/4 pineapple and mushroom, 1/8 ham and onions, and 1/2 pepperoni, cheese, and peppers”, our chefs really needed to put their fraction skills to work! Students had a great time working together to assemble the pizzas, and just when they thought the fun was over, students got to enjoy a surprise Pizza Lunch Party!

Miss Nguyen