On Wednesday February 4th, 2015 GLA had a visit from Kamini, the Dental Hygienist from Heritage House Dental. Students learned about what it means to have a healthy smile ☺. Kamini introduced cavities to the students by reading the book Free The Sugar Bugz by Susanna Mosli. In this story Kylie’s mother tells her to brush her teeth before bed, but Kylie doesn’t understand what the big deal is about brushing her teeth, so she decides to trick her mother. Throughout this story the children learned about how important it is to brush our teeth and get rid of “sugar bugs”. Kamini also discussed tooth friendly foods and drinks to keep our teeth healthy. Afterwards, students pretended to be dentists and brushed “DINO’S” teeth with a large toothbrush, remembering to brush in circles.
On behalf of GLA, we like to thank Kamini and the Heritage House Dental for starting off our Dental Campaign and for the bag of “dental goodies” provided to our students at GLA.

Ms. Nunez