Effective Parenting

Raising children can be challenging and yet it is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world — and the one for which we might feel the least prepared. A person doesn’t stop needing support and guidance after they become a parent. If anything, they need it more than ever before.

So parents let’s ask ourselves these questions….

Are decisions about parenting made jointly?
Do we practice what we ask of our children?
Are our expectations from our children realistic?
Are we both consistent to enforce ‘House Rules’?
Do you say a firm ‘NO’ when so needed?
Do we spend ‘quality time’ to discuss the child’s day?
Do we give a patient hearing when children need it?
Do we reward a child after the result of an effort?
Do we make children share household responsibilities?
Do we constantly give children the right home environment to concentrate on studies?
Are children sure of our love and respect even after punishment?
Do we spend time meditating and praying with our child?

We all parent differently, but it’s safe to say that (most) of us have the same goals in mind when it comes to raising our children: that they’re happy, healthy, functional, and turn into kind adults that contribute to society. The way we were raised can have a monumental impact on how we raise our own children. However constantly attempting to better ourselves as a parent is never a bad thing.

As the first teachers of a child, parents play an important role in influencing and shaping the lives of our children. The attitude, views, goals, and perspective of a child depend to a large extent on what he learns from his parents. What a child learns in the early years is known to have a lasting impression, which is why effective parenting is an absolute necessity.


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