Earth Day 2015

Salve Maria!

On April 22, the students at Guiding Light Academy celebrated Earth Day!  Earth Day is an event celebrated worldwide to celebrate our Earth as well as to bring awareness to keeping our planet healthy and clean.

On Earth Day, our students made promises to help the environment and how to make positive changes in order to keep the Earth clean.  This was expressed through a writing piece Grade 3-6 student thoughtfully completed.  Students also had a lot of fun with a paper mache activity where students made colourful Earth globes.  It was messy but lots of fun!

Earth Day should not only be celebrated on one particular day but last throughout the year as a constant reminder to keep the Earth healthy and clean!  Students at Guiding Light Academy participated in the 4th Annual Village Litter Blitz which was a clean-up campaign which took place in Streetsville.  Students had a great time and learned a lot about contributing and giving back to the community.

To keep in the spirit of Earth Day, students can go on to the website where they can find lots of fun games and activities that will help them learn more about the Earth and the environment!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Miss Nguyen