The students of Guiding Light Academy visited the Streetsville Care Community which recently changed its name from Leisure World Caregiving Centre. They had the opportunity to express their talents and put on a show for the elderly. Students had practiced hard to perform various songs, poems, dances and pieces on the piano, all of which were wonderfully done!

The elderly citizens enjoyed these acts and were thrilled to witness the talents of our student body. Once the show was over, students had the opportunity to interact with the residents of the Centre.  They heard various stories and had many conversations with the elderly. This experience was a treat for both our elderly citizens and our students. Our students had the chance to give back to the community by dedicating their time and earning the opportunity to converse with those who cherished their company.

The experience was rewarding for all our students as well as the residents. The residents had much to say about how well the students performed, spoke and even commented on how smart they looked in their uniforms!

Sharing one’s talents with those around is an excellent way to contribute to the community and the students were able to do this extremely well!