Celebrating the birthday of Our Lady!

September 8th marks an important day as Catholics around the world celebrate the nativity of Mother Mary. At Guiding Light Academy the staff and students did the same by beginning our day praying the Holy Rosary – a prayer said by Catholics to express our devotion to the Immaculate Mother. Each member of the Guiding Light family was provided with a rosary blessed by Brother Justin at the feet of Fatima herself. Our Lady is a mother to us all. She protects us and watches over us at all times. Praying the rosary leads us to Jesus through Mary. It is the symbol of her love. Reciting the rosary helps each Catholic to grow in the love of the trinity. Mother Mary has taught us to be patient, obedient, and humble. Praying the rosary daily guides us to grow in her spiritual path. Our Lady is an inspirational figure to many and here at Guiding Light Academy we showed her the love she rightfully deserves by celebrating the date of her birth. This practice – of praying the Rosary – should be second nature and the students at our school display their faith appropriately by praying it with confidence, devotion and most importantly, love. Happy Birthday Mother Mary! Thank you for showering us in your blessings and love daily.