Every September we begin the academic year with our annual field trip to the Canadian Martyrs Shrine in the Midlands.
The field trip was a memorable one to say the least! After a 2 hour bus ride, we had finally made it! The students attended mass at noon at the Martyr’s Shine Church, where two of our older students had the honour of being alter servers. After the service, one of the Pastor’s blessed every student with a relic, said a prayer for us, and had a nice casual conversation with the students about their studies. Lastly, the students learned a little about the history of the Martyrs, their missions and why they are so important to Canadian history. After, we all enjoyed lunch under gazebos, packed up and headed back to Guiding Light Academy. The students were so very well behaved, and made the staff of Guiding Light Academy extremely proud!

Please view a video highlight of our Annual Field trip to the Canadian Martyrs’ Shrine: