All Saints’ Day

On Friday October 31, Guiding Light Academy celebrated All Saints’ Day with its students. The students have been working on their costumes and saint presentation for days and their hard work paid off. Every single student had the opportunity to present their Saint and provide everyone with information on the saint’s life and we are very happy with the result of their hard work. As Catholics it is important for us to recognize and celebrate All Saints’ Day as we acknowledge and honour all those people who were able to live a life close to Christ and who, by their example, encourage us to do the same in our everyday lives. We are all very grateful to the parents for their participation and the hard work that went into the children’s costumes as well as for taking the time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the event with all of us. As a school, we look forward to more events where we can celebrate elements of our faith together and demonstrate the importance of such feast days to our students.

-Mrs Figueroa