Guiding Light Academy Workbooks

Our unique and personalized approach to learning is specifically designed to exceed the Ontario Ministry of Education Standards. Every student that attends Guiding Light Academy will receive their very own workbook package. Our workbooks are grade specific and the content is regularly updated to ensure it meets the highest academic standards.

Our workbooks provide your child with the opportunity to expand on their classroom learning through targeted workbook exercises.

The GLA workbooks promote independent learning and aids in the development of your child’s problem solving skills. The GLA workbooks are an invaluable tool that is also used to help monitor your child’s progress to help ensure your child achieves academic success.

  • Promotes Independent Learning
  • Reinforces Classroom Learning
  • Tracks Learning Progres
  • Helps Develop Problem Solving Skills
  • Indentifies Learning Challenges
  • Aids In Cognitive Development & Academic Success
  • Integrates Visual & Tactile Information
  • Develops Fine Motor Dexterity